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Masterlist of Works

Doctor Who

Amaranth - M - Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler

Dragon Age

Certainly Something - M - Dorian Pavus/Iron Bull

Like a Fine Wine - M - Dorian Pavus/Iron Bull

Maker Take Me - M - Cullen Rutherford/Dorian Pavus

Of Beds and Bodies - M - Dorian Pavus/Iron Bull

Road Trip - T - Fenris/Anders


To Love is to Lose - M - Steve Rogers/Loki Laufeyson


The Blushing Scribe - T - Thorin Oakenshield/Ori

Drunken Treasure - M - Legolas Greenleaf/Gimli

It Could Have Been Something - T - Thranduil/Thorin Oakenshield

It is You - T - Bifur/Kili